On day 1 and day 2 of our launch week, we shared the latest improvements at the core of CoScreen which enable you and your team to work together with less friction. Today, we’ll dive into the different ways you can now connect much faster and in-context.

Watch this 60 seconds demo of our announcements today...

Login to CoScreen with your Datadog user

No need to sign up for CoScreen separately anymore if you already have a Datadog account. That works especially well if your company has already configured SAML for any type of org-wide authentication. It also makes it easier to invite new team members to connect with you on CoScreen.

Authenticate to CoScreen using your Datadog account

Schedule pair programming sessions in Google Calendar

Get the Google Workspace app to make any meeting an interactive pair programming session with just one click. Unlike our prior Chrome Extension, the Workspace app makes this possible not just for you but your entire company.

Make any meeting a collaboration session in CoScreen

Private beta: Pair debugging of incidents from within Datadog

You can now get to the bottom of major issues by jumping straight from an incident in Datadog into CoScreen. There is no better way to get on the same page than using CoScreen as your incident command center where all responders and the key context is brought together without any friction.

This feature is currently in private beta - request access here.

Collaborate on CoScreen from incidents in Datadog

Call other users from your IDE (e.g. VS Code)

The CoScreen VS Code Extension enables you to join your most recent CoScreens or even to call your closest collaborators directly from within VS Code with just one click. Share your screen vice versa with just one click and help each other out immediately.

Using the CoScreen extension for VS Code to pair program faster

That's it for day 3 of our launch week! Check out more integrations on our product website at https://coscreen.co/integrations.

Get started for free with CoScreen v5.0 today and check back in tomorrow on day 4 of our launch week!

Till and Team CoScreen