Oh hey, check it out! There's now a CoScreen plugin on the JetBrains marketplace, making it easier to connect with your teammates for pair programming or code reviews without breaking your workflow.

The IntelliJ Platform is an Open Source, Apache-licensed platform for building IDEs. There are around 15 IDEs based on the platform, including IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, and RubyMine, all from JetBrains. Google's Android Studio is also based on IntelliJ. And because they share a platform, the CoScreen plugin will work with them all.

At various times in my career, I've used PhpStorm, RubyMine, and IntelliJ, and while they didn't magically turn me into a mythical 10x engineer, they definitely helped me when it came to things like refactoring code.

Once you've learned a few critical shortcut keys, installed your favorite plugins, customized some screen layouts just the way you like them, and tweaked your theme colors until they're perfect, a good IDE can become a key part of your workflow. With IntelliJ IDEs, once you're comfortable with one, you'll also feel right at home in others.

Go install the plugin now, and let us know on twitter what else you'd like to see. Thanks as always for using CoScreen, and happy building!